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International Women’s Day 2020, Langenthal.
The headquarters of 3M in Switzerland wanted to have a motivational speech on gender equality for International Women’s Day 2020. They were looking for an inspirational piece that combined personal experiences of women in the workplace with practical recommendations on how to reduce inequalities in the corporate environment.

We delivered a speech that not only embraced equity between man and women but also drew attention to the LGBQTIA+ community and all other underrepresented communities in the workforce. Attendance was not mandatory and despite Covid-19 and reduced seating, the event was very well attended and participants showed a lot of interest in the topic and expressed gratitude for following a more inclusive approach and going beyond men/women gender equality only. 

"Nadja, just wanted to say once again Thank You for your great speech. What I liked most was the personal side to your stories and also the ideas/tips on how we can all make small adjustments." Sarah Davis, 3M EMEA Supply Chain Strategy & Implementation, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives.

COP25, Madrid, 2019: 
3M wanted to promote innovative scientific solutions for the climate crisis and highlight the role of corporations in this transformation at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP25 in Madrid in 2019. 

We curated a private panel for their global executive team with guest speakers such as the UN scientist José Manuel Moreno who is a member of the intergovernmental group on climate change (IPCC) or Ana Gascón, the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility of Coca Cola Iberia etc. to discuss the future of our planet and the climate crisis.

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