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air europa lands in the heart of the community

“Is that an air conditioning company?” This is the kind of questions we heard when we first mentioned Air Europa to people in Florida back in the days. Today, it’s one of the top 2 airlines flying from Miami to Europe and everyone knows and loves it. Let’s just say: Air Europa took Miami by storm. The secret: to be involved in the community of Miami.

We built a strategy around the concept of community engagement. In a recent survey from Cone Communications, seven of 10 consumers said that they believe cthat ompanies have an obligation to take action in the communities they serve. And 87% said they would buy a product because that company advocates for a local issue they cared about. Being strong community believers ourselves, we designed an action plan based on three important cultural pillars in the city: sports, youth, and philanthropy.

“I like to be involved in the community, and there’s a business rationale for being involved in the community. Dig in, get involved, give back, get out there, be a voice, make a difference.” Gerry Ariño, General Director in USA Air Europa.

The first step was to be involved in the sports’ community. But how? We agreed on an alliance with the basketball and baseball team of the Hurricanes, the team of the University of Miami. We integrated the brand into the community by helping the youth and supporting the athletes of tomorrow. We did live promotions with the local fans and helped the University to promote their teams. 

We always use our creativity to stand out but also to find new ways to connect with our target. We always strive for out of the box initiatives, proposals that had never been done before and look for the best execution to get an emotional engagement.


How to give back in other ways? In ways that make people feel proud of their work in the community? That’s when we came up with an idea that might look unexpected, but was really beautiful. We created the first Air Europa Awards in Miami. We convinced the Consulate of Spain and he allowed us to hold it in the main residence in Coral Gables. We curated a big event in honor of people who make the economy of the community grow or bring support to people who need it most, like everyone at the Dan Marino Foundation.

The prize that was awarded to the Dan Marino Foundation was really special. The Foundation prepares young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities for careers, pushing the frontiers of mixed reality with partners like Google and Magic Leap to reach non-traditional learners and build brighter futures. The Dan Marino Foundation supports the community through innovative and collaborative efforts. The CEO, Mary Partin, personally came to receive the award and thanked Air Europa for its support in the community.

And finally, we got involved with the Florida International University. We wanted to help young people just before they graduate, when they are about to jump into the real world. After several meetings with the teachers, we created a contest that brings them competition in a fun way. We had the students work on a final career project, a creative contest. Then, Air Europa and plus305 judged the work of the student teams. The best won a free trip to Spain. It was an amazing experience and a creative way to get involved with the University and support young people in the community.


I have been working with plus305 for many years and they've always gone above and beyond to support Air Europa in making a real positive impact in the communities which has helped our brand differentiate itself. They created innovative events and advertising campaigns thanks to which we've been able to position Air Europa as one of the top 2 airlines flying from Miami to Europe. They've also used their contacts to connect us with valuable projects at the University of Miami and with Voices For Children Foundation.” Jorge A. Fuentes Lorenzo, VP Marketing USA, Air Europa Airlines.

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