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BALOISE, inclusive hiring strategies.

At plus305, we are convinced that knowing yourself helps understand others better. That’s why we first focus on how culture, identity, and belief systems are constructed and how they influence our behavior on a personal and corporate level. The truth is that most companies have to transform their culture in order to truly become inclusive.


It is therefore not enough to only be conscious that we have an unconscious bias, there also need to be structures and guidelines in place that help change behavior. It is especially important to not resort to outdated stereotypes such as "women respond well to job ads that empathize the collaborative and empathic aspect of the work" etc..

The creation of an inclusive hiring environment is a balancing act, but there are certain Inclusion Hacks that lead to success. This webinar was an interactive session where input sessions by plus305 were followed by inspiring Q&As of all the HR and other executives present.

"That was one of the best inputs (realistic, balanced, non-missionary) that I have heard or seen so far in this field. Just like Corinna mentioned, I also had 1000 thoughts that crossed my mind during the presentation. I will probably have to ponder quite a bit until I will find a conclusive answer to some of  the questions that I am asking myself now. This honestly was very, very inspiring. Thank you again for organizing this. Should we soon do something with Nadja again, I would love to take part.

Pierre Girard, Leiter Group Accounting & Reporting Baloise Group

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