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The idea center
by miami
dade college

​Reinventing growth.
The Miami Dade College is the second largest university or college in the US. The Idea Center is its support center that helps the community make creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial ideas come true. In 2019, they decided to use the opportunity of the world standing still to develop a new Brand and Digital Campaign Identity that is as amazing as they are and would help them grow. 

"The Idea Center celebrated its five-year anniversary in October 2019 - a great milestone but we needed to refresh our branding. Rebranding that spoke to our core values, was aspirational and elevated our storytelling. Plus305 was the right team at the right time that we needed! We loved the Plus305 team's insights, ideas and their passion for this work...and of course the results! Thank you for helping us refocus on what makes the IC unique and demonstrates our priorities to foster an equitable and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem for our MDC community and beloved City of Miami!" Romi Bhatia, Executive Director of The Idea Center.


​They were also transitioning towards a higher fee-based system for their courses and programs while pivoting towards an online course model due to Covid-19. We are still living and breathing their brand every day and training their team to do the same. We’re super proud to say that after the first two months of implementation, digital engagement has on average been up by 5000% and they got all the attention they wanted within the community of Miami with stakeholders congratulating them on their new identity.

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