M80 Radio,
like music does.

M80 Radio is one of the most popular radio stations in Spain, playing music from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. A few years ago, we created an initiative infused with a CSR strategy for their communication.


We designed and created different messages and social impact campaigns in order to increase the awareness and commitment of the station within the community. 


Here is one of the campaigns that was very special for us. In a world where consumerism is 'out of control', they wanted to engage their audience by motivating them to recycle. We needed to find the perfect link that creates an emotional connection with music lovers and the act of recycling. But how could we possibly connect artists and recycling? 


A big part of our work was to do research until we found a strong and powerful insight of the industry. We realized that not everything is original art when it comes to music and artists. Sometimes, if not most of the time, artists copy/get inspired by/create new versions of already existing material.


So this was our link between both worlds: "Do like music, recycle". Under this umbrella, we portrayed the most iconic or famous album covers that were copied by other artists. So we showed each cover with its release year, making the recycling of designs obvious. 


But our client is a radio station, so we also needed a piece explaining the concept on the radio itself. That's why we created radio ads with two of the most famous hits in the history of music: first, we would play the original artist, but then we created a mix of all the other artists that had interpreted the hit throughout the years. A perfect radio piece that captured the attention of the audience and got a lot of awareness through a powerful message.

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