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In the last ten years, Miami has become the capital of art in the USA. Once a year, Art Basel, the biggest art fair on the planet, comes to Miami. Since many years, the artistic community has gotten bigger and bigger. The passion for art brought big names, celebrities, and a huge number of galleries to the city. It changed the landscape of some neighborhoods. 


Wynwood is where the art movement in Miami was born and is still growing to this day. Its streets are home to the work of hundreds of local artists, but little by little, the big money from art businesses started to affect the authenticity of local artists and only big names are being shown everywhere.

On the backdrop of this scenario, Real Madrid was going to play a historic game for the fist time outside of Spain: they were going to play “El Clásico” against Barcelona in Miami! We pitched our ideas and we won. So we handled the huge campaign of the Real with the goal to immerse the spirit of the team in the community. One of the most impressive ideas was the graffiti we created and produced in the arty heart of the city: Wynwood.

While famous artists like Retna or Okuda San Miguel are invading the walls of Miami, we decided to create a link between the brand and the local artist community. Thiswas when we contacted Alex Mijares, a local artist whose style is very contemporary, personal and powerful and above all: very Miami and loved by Miamians. Alex started with a concept on a canvas, and then we reproduced the whole idea on a long wall in the heart of Wynwood. We dedicated a more than ten meters long wall to the brand painted by this local artist who became well-known in just a few days. Two years later, the graffiti was still untouched on the wall, so we had our footprint in the city for 22 more months than expected.


We created a beautiful and important relationship between the most important team in the world, the city of Miami, and its local artist community. International media companies talked about it and interviewed the artist, turning the spotlight back to the original art movement that started to change this city so many years ago. Our wall was also part of the next global campaign for "Club Madridista". The commercial created and produced by plus305 was showing slides of the life of fans around of the world. The film showcases  the passion of different people, different cultures, different moments... all of them united by one team.

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