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It was Monday, in Miami. We received a call from a former MTV producer from Europe. He was doing a TV show in Miami with Peyton Wich, one of the stars of Stranger Things on Netflix. We immediately asked him if we could steal a couple of hours of Peyton and film a commercial for Voices For Children. 


“Guys, I don’t know, it’s complicated… Well, send me the script, he will be off on Wednesday morning for 3 hours, maybe we can convince him to do it”. We worked against the clock. We sent him a script in record time. Peyton loved it, he was down to do it. The team of the TV Show helped us to pre-produce and make it happen. So in just 3 hours, Payton learned the script, the team filmed it in one take and we created a commercial that was a big success in the community.

Silver Best CSR Campaign 


The commercial wanted to engage young generations. So Peyton’s participation was a blessing and helped us rise awareness of and recognition for the thousands of children who are abused, neglected, or live in poverty in Miami. Peyton’s presence and the impactful text also got the attention of the media: they mentioned the campaign and the collaboration of one of Hollywood's most loved actors at the time with our foundation. ​

An emotional and touching script that plays between two worlds: fiction and reality. Sometimes we forget that “reality can be very tougher, sad and… stranger than fiction”.

The campaign became very popular. Peyton, a touching script, and a good cause were the ingredients for this success. The American Marketing Association'awarded us with Silver in the category of "Best CSR Campaign". An award that we shared with Voices For Children Foundation: their generous and impactful work is beyond comparison. We were only the channel to make their cause known.

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