Boring Super Bowl 53? Maybe. But there was some serious CSR happening.

Everyone is disappointed about this year's Super Bowl ads. Not us. As a Social Impact Boutique, we strive for real change, and there are quiet a few ads worth mentioning when it comes to that.

Because these brands were showing their long-term commitment to CSR. This not only makes it more authentic, it also creates more value and opens up the potential for real change. And of course:

Longer-term commitment to a CSR program is more likely to resonate with consumers in terms of corporate and brand image. – Forbes

Some of those brands were: Verizon, with its "First Responders" ad, Stella Artois' with Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges for, Google's tribute to veterans in "Job Search for Veterans", and the Washington Post's focus on the importance of journalism.

To us, the most outstanding of all was this one:

Women, the ball is in your court!

One of our favorites is Serena Williams' for the Dating App Bumble. First of all, because we just love Serena. Who doesn't anyway? And second because the underlying message of female empowerment is right up our ally.

Their manifesto is very powerful:

So make the first move. Don't wait to be told your place, take it! Don't wait for people to find you, find them.

At plus305, we are all for female empowerment! That is why one of our creations at our Plus305 Social Impact Hub & Idea Factory is our Global Impact Women's Network. Because we want to support women who want to make an impact.

Find out more about our Social Impact Hub Projects here (scroll down).

Forbes wrote a more detailed article about the evening and its ads here.

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