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How can an American fireman become a huge fan of the Real Madrid? How did soccer become such a big part of his life in a country like the USA? What’s the connection between both of them?


All the questions are answered in a beautiful and touching documentary we created and produced in Florida for Real Madrid. The idea was to focus on real people, real supporters. We wanted to turn the spotlight away from the players for once and show the people behind the brand. 

We came up with a creative content concept, where we portrayed real anonymous fans from around the world in short documentaries. How was this passion born? How do they live? How do they follow their team from thousands of miles away… We built a brand territory full of empathy, less self-centered, where our protagonists are the ones who support the team from the most unexpected corners of the world. With human, honest, warm, and entertaining slices of life that Real Madrid presented on their platforms.


"Participating in this documentary has been like a dream come true. It's super important for me to pass down the legacy of my love for Real Madrid to my daughters and having them be part of this, has been the best experience. I enjoyed every moment working with plus305, thank you guys."

Andrew Andras, Fireman in Florida.

After weeks of researching, we found a fireman who works in the Hialeah Fire Station, one of the most difficult neighborhoods in Florida. His name is Andrew Andras, lieutenant and an athlete who holds a World Guinness Record in long boarding. His car plate says “Real Madrid”and the crest of the team is on his fireman helmet. From the moment we start talking with him, we knew we had found our man. His tattoos, his body building, and his wild life contrasted beautifully with his life as a family man with two sweet daughters.

His story is one of a kind. He became famous from one day to another. His documentary was the first one in this series and we feel very lucky to have had him be a part of it.

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