We believe in democracy. Democracy means freedom of expression. Also, or especially, around controversial issues. Let's open the arena for honest, respectful, and democratic discussions with the aim to advance the dialogue on the world's most pressing challenges. 

Daniel Bruderer

Head Business Development Globalance

Daniel is the Head of Business Development at Globalance and has a background of more than 20 years in the sustainable finance industry. For SAM Sustainable Asset Management, he built up their business strategy for and in Asia. Today, he's in charge of the business development of Globalance. His mission is to make sure that they innovate and differentiate themselves from traditional banks which continue to remain lethargic. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences and a Master’s degree in Executive International Management as well as a MBA.

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Emily Elsner

Co-Founder of Capacity Zurich

Emily Elsner, PhD. Consultant in impact measurement, evaluation, and organizational learning, entrepreneur and general enthusiast. Starting out in biology, I realized that what I really cared about was our relationship with the environment – the way people, and the societies they build, transform natural systems and how natural systems respond and adapt. I moved into researching the effects of overfishing on sea grasses, of invasive species on river management, and of poor environmental condition on honeybee health – looking at different human-nature relationships and how to rebalance them. I then moved abroad, and changed field, co-founding Capacity, a non-profit association working to support refugees and migrants to start businesses and projects. Read more  here

Jeanine & Maghan

Co-Founders of Thynk Global

In February 2020, Jeanine Suah and Maghan Morin co-founded Thynk Global, a co-working and event space where people of color and allies can create, collaborate, and build for the future. Jeanine says: "Maghan and I are super blessed to have these BIG gregarious, high-energy personalities where we don’t know how to be anything other than ourselves. So, as we continue to grow, we hone in on the important pieces of our story and our mission so that people believe us, financially support us, and eventually become ambassadors and voices of the mission." Read more here

Arjanna van

der Plas

Leadership Coach & Co-Founder

In terms of social impact, we'd  like to highlight Arjanna's work with Stories Behind The Fog, a project to re-humanize homelessness in San Francisco, one personal story at a time. Here, you can watch her TED talk about it if you’d like to learn more. She's the co-founder of the WOMEN’S HUB Zurich, an initiative to support women to become the boldest, truest version of themselves, and she supports individual women on their journey as a leadership coach. Learn more here.

Jan Poser

Chief Strategist and Head of Sustainability at Bank J. Safra Sarasin

Jan Poser is Chief Strategist and Head of Sustainability at Bank J. Safra Sarasin. Sustainability is embedded in their brand and their DNA.  Sustainable asset management of funds and mandates is the core of their business since more than 30 years. What is special about their approach is that they integrate sustainability into each step of the investment process. Read more here.

Lena Stüdeli

Managing Director of Greenbuzz Zurich

Lena Stüdeli works for GreenBuzz Zurich. She is convinced by their mission and is excited by the power of individuals to make positive change happenShe first immersed herself in the sustainability sphere during her Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. She researched how language is used to communicate matters connected to climate change to the broad public. Ever since, she has known that this is what she wants to do – to use her abilities as a ‘force for good’. Read more here

Thomas Hügli

Chief Sustainability Officer at 
Axa Switzerland

Thomas Hügli is also President of the Board of Trustees of the Swiss Climate Foundation and can look back on 25 years of communication experience as deputy editor in chief of a financial publication, co-owner of a PR agency, and Corporate Responsibility and Communications Manager at major companies. Read more

Jonathan Rezzonico

Renewable Energy (Investment) Professional & Sustainability Enthusiast

I disagree with Hobbes and the concept of Homo homini lupus. Therefore, I trust that the Corona crisis will make people more aware of and accountable for their behaviors towards others and the environment. Read more.

Kai Rassmussen


Head of Marketing myclimate foundation

I am responsible for all communications and marketing initiatives at myclimate. So, it’s my task to build the brand myclimate and to raise awareness about our organization and the services we offer. As we are an NGO and, hence, have only limited budget resources, I have to come up with smart communication measures focusing on three outcomes: (...) 

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Sabrina Herold

Managing Director at MYBLUEPLANET

I  am the Managing Director at MYBLUEPLANET, where we inspire people to make a contribution for climate protection. Together, we seek creative and practical solutions and bring them to life with projects that reduce CO2 in Switzerland. I completed my Master studies in International Business and Management at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. There, I have taken courses in basic macro-economic concepts and micro-economic topics of strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and finance.

Maria Ignacia Arcaya

SVP Social Impcat& Institutional

Relations at CISNEROS

I have now been developing and implementing CSR initiatives for over 20 years. As the daughter of a Venezuelan diplomat, I was exposed from a young age to different cultures and societies. I have come to believe that those experiences led me to question the differences I witnessed in the access to, or lack of, equal opportunities for high quality education; and in general, the quality of life across different socioeconomic groups and how the gaps differed from one country to another. Read more.

We love giving exposure to conscious businesses and leaders, get in touch with us if you want to be featured in our Talks that Matter series.

Sara Zbinden

Founder of sustainable Swim and

Active Wear Pura Clothing

Sara is the founder of the sustainable and ethical Swim- and Activewear Brand Pura Clothing. So she is in charge of making sure, that her workers get paid fairly and have insurance etc. She also makes sure that the fabric used for her label is the most sustainable on the marked. At Pura, they don’t use any new resources and only use recycled fabric or leftover fabric. She says it’s extremely important for her that she works with a small factory so that she can monitor everything and be sure that the working conditions are excellent.

Brett McNaught

CEO of Educate Tomorrow

He grew up in a small town in the Midwest, where he had a number of protective factors to lead to a successful life. He had access to good schools, a good family, his Dad’s job gave the family great health benefits, there was affordable housing, and a strong community overall. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a bachelors in Communication, he joined the Peace Corps. His two year volunteer service was in a very rural and remote village in Niger, West Africa. It was there that he came to realize how extremely privileged his childhood was because of where and to who he was born. Now he is the CEO of Educate Tomorrow. Read more

Daniel Puder

Former WWE Wrestler and Founder of My Life

My Power World Inc 501c3 

Daniel Puder is a former WWE Wrestler turned social entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Superintendant of MLMPI Preparatory Academy & My Life My Power World Inc 501c3. He has 9 years experience in system changes and system root cause solutions within the P-12 system, foster care, and Juvenile Justice System. His organization My Life My Power is dedicated to evidence-based Social and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Trainings with the goal to transform education and corporations.

Nelson Hincapié

President and CEO of Voices for Children

Foundation, Miami Florida

Nelson joined Voices For Children in 2009 as President and CEO. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, he began his career in Miami working with Mayor Alex Penelas and Dave Lawrence, Jr. to help establish Universal Pre-Kindergarten for every 4 year old child in Florida. While Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez served as County Commissioner, Nelson worked on his staff. Currently, he mentors human trafficking survivors, adolescents and young adults who have aged out of foster care who are making the transition to independent living and braking the intergenerational cycle of abuse and neglect. 

Swati Randeev-Verma

Manager Corporate Responsibility,

Sustainability and Engagement at

PwC Middle East.

Swati has spent the past 10 years in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability roles, across industries such as Accounting, Finance, Consulting, and e-commerce. Currently, she leads Corporate Responsibility (CR) and Sustainability for PwC Middle East

Boris Kamstra

CEO at Alphamin Resources

Corp (AFMJF), Congo.

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This song was recorded by local Congolese musicians who wanted to honor what Alphamin has done for them:

Boris Kamstra is an accomplished senior business executive. He bravely capitalises on his strategic management style to ensure good business leadership, corporate alignment and success – imperative in challenging environments. He has a passion for Africa and the varied opportunities it holds. His ability to identify potential, unlock opportunity and celebrate talent diversity, adds significant value in the growing and competitive African business and mining environment.

Mario Cader-Frech

Social Responsibility Media Executive

Cultural Entrepreneur.

Cader-Frech is currently a Fellow at Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project. A role created to bring together media professionals and scholars of media, religion, and business to foster critical reflection and collaborative relationships to improve religious literacy of the American public. On-screen representations shape our understanding of the worlds religions off-screen and influence our behavior towards “others.” Producing content with accurate representations of religious themes or characters (allegorical, implicit or explicit) will inspire audiences to reduce conflict and antagonism. Listen to his interview here

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