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Sometimes, the product is the message itself. When we were starting the conversations with Toyota, we needed to figure out how to become relevant with just one billboard in the city of Madrid.


The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular mass-produced hybrid cars in the world. It’s hard to believe that anything mass-produced is also eco-friendly. The Merriam-Webster dictionary provides this simple definition of eco-friendly: something that isn’t environmentally harmful.


By this definition, in order for the Prius to truly be eco-friendly, it needs to be harmless to the environment. It’s fair to say that to consider a car eco-friendly, it should be eco-friendly in its inception, and while a customer is using it. 

We decided to go one step further, we wanted to make our billboard as respectful to the environment as the car. When we went to the location, we saw a tree behind the billboard. That’s when we decided to create the first billboard with holes to allow the branches of the tree to come out. This way, the billboard was respecting the environment in real life, and not disturbing the tree next to it.


The results were great. We got great recognition in the mass media, achieving our goals in terms of awareness and brand recognition with just one billboard. This billboard became an example for out-of-home within and beyond Spain, getting the recognition of people across Europe.