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The “Be A Voice” campaign has five films. All of them pan through the different problems, threats, and consequences that foster care children are exposed to, until it drifts to show into what those situations, emotions can be transformed into.


Some of the videos will make viewers reflect on the difficulties and the emotional support that foster care children need and then finally show how Voices For Children brings hope to these children. All of them were filmed and treated differently, but keeping the truth of the powerful stories behind.​

Voices helps young adults move forward utilizing education to be independent.

At Voices For Children, they like to think of their Guardians ad Litem as dream catchers. By offering trust, giving back their sense of belonging and bringing hope for a better life, Guardians can turn a child’s nightmare into a  beautiful dream come true.

This emotional film capture the bonds formed behind every story. The names behind every child and Guardian. We honored the support that all these human beings provide everyday to keep these children's hopes alive. To make them understand that there's someone who will never let them down.  


"The thing that I appreciate the most is that she was there whenever I needed it. I felt that there was someone that really cared and that she took the time to check up on me at any time or any day of the week." Amelia Guzman, Former foster youth.

“Why Voices?” is one of the main films we did for the Voices For Children Foundation. It is also part of the “Be A Voice” campaign to raise awareness about children in foster care. This film tells the story of who the foundation is, what they do, and why the work of Voices For Children is so important.

"Just by talking with the child and establishing that relationship with them, we are able to bring issues to the attention of the people in the courtroom and do something about them." Kahlid Allahar, Guardian Ad Litem.


"The main part of being a Guardian is to ensure that the child is safe, that they are protected." Yolanda Valencia, Board Member.

In parallel, we created a billboard campaign based on a powerful headline that reflected the current moment of the pandemic. In a world where governments fight to find a vaccine against COVID, we are missing and forgetting other real problems that will never have a vaccine. This campaign broke the outdoor media raising awareness around real problems in the community. It's so contemporary that it created a lot of buzz and helped Voices For Children get the recognition they needed.


Nobody is perfect, but we try to preserve our world and economic system for future generations, and we believe in changing the way we do business. That's why we give 15% of our time to different causes like Voices for Children Foundation, and educational institutions through mentorship and communication services. Alberto is part of the board of Voices For Children Foundation and Nadja is part of the Committee of the Be a Voice Gala. 

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