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MTV & WORLD contraception DAY

How many ways are there to avoid unwanted pregnancy? Not so many, but using a witch is certainly not one of them, or is it? 

From this ‘out of the box’ thought, we came up with a whole campaign based on a bit of an original character. We wanted to engage teens in LATAM and Brazil, where the percentage of unwanted pregnancy is still extremely high. We wanted to create a real situation that they could resonate with. Once we captured the attention, the idea was to include a disturbing element and make the whole scene surrealistic. This way, we were able to emphasize the main message.

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The production set was built in a retro style reminiscent of popular series of the moment such as Stranger Things that were bringing back the style of the 80ies. For the casting we were looking for a couple that could be from anywhere in LATAM so we tried to illustrate neutrality in the skin tone. We met with the actors the day before to talk in detail about the scenes so that during the shooting they would already feel more comfortable together and it would look natural and go smoothly.​

The witch was a very difficult character to find. Santeras or mediums are very popular in the Latin culture. We wanted to keep it real but also fun. We did an extensive casting until we found a well known actress who fell in love with the script. Once we found the artist, we needed to combine the ingredients perfectly: authentic costumes, golden jewelry and a make up artist that did her magic.  

The result was very surprising for everyone. MTV and BAYER were very happy and the audience reacted very good. We had thousands of teens answering the digital quiz and millions of engagements through TV and social media. The “commercial of the witch” as people called it, helped us raise awareness around a big problem that affects so many people, especially in developing countries, and creates even more inequalities.

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