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A very touching project during the first few months of Covid: the Head Internal Communications, the Head Public Affairs & Sustainability, and the Head Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at the headquarter of Baloise Insurance in Basel approached us because they wanted to show their employees in Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, and Belgium how much they appreciate them. 

They wanted to create a video that they could show to their stakeholders on their Investors’ day in October 2020. We decided to put the spotlight on a group of employees that are all too often overlooked and undervalued: the retirees. After all, some of them had not been able to have a real physical good-bye from their colleagues after decades of working together due to Covid-19. Portraying generational diversity is an important messaging to the staff of Baloise.

Purpose. The big word nowadays. Something everyone wants, but how do you find the purpose of your brand if you don’t have one? From the bottom to the top, employees have to know why to show up everyday. There’s no purpose without action. Your passion is inside, the purpose is how you communicate it to the world.


Our script and storytelling allowed us to showcase the human aspect of the company by focusing on employees’ loyalty to Baloise and their strong and beautiful relationships among each other as well as the immense knowledge within the firm.


We had a lot of fun with all the participants on the shooting day, helping them to master their first ever day in front of a camera, making them feel at home and directing them towards the outcome we envisioned in terms of creativity and ideation. The feedback from employees and stakeholders at Baloise has been overwhelmingly positive with people getting very emotional and feeling appreciated. Mission accomplished.

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