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We believe in democracy. Democracy means freedom of expression. Also, or especially, around controversial issues. Let's open the arena for honest, respectful, and democratic discussions with the aim to advance the dialogue on the world's most pressing challenges. 

Point Foundation National Leadership Conference June 2 2022-3410 Steven Gregory_edited.jpg

Jorge Valencia

Executive Director and CEO at Point Foundation 
January, 2023

Jorge gained his operational, administrative, and management experience at a range of non-profit, corporate and governmental enterprises before joining Point Foundation as CEO. As an openly gay man who grew up in a Mormon Latino family in Texas, Jorge brings with him a keen personal awareness of many of the issues of rejection and marginalization faced by many LGBTQ youth, including Point Scholars. As a past board member of Affirmation, Jorge has helped other LGBTQ Mormons and their families live productive lives consistent with their faith and heritage. Jorge’s diversity of life experience includes extensive travel abroad and within the United States.

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