Our Idea Laboratory comes up with solutions for the SDGs that we donate to the world.

Yes, there's nothing we love more than bringing ideas to life. Impactful ideas. Touching ideas. Powerful ideas. 

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plus305 is CO2 neutral. On our quest to fulfill the Triple Bottom Line, we reduce our CO2 footprint as much as we can. Where we can’t avoid it, we compensate it: we plant trees in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Because this is where we do business.

We are offsetting the personal average footprint calculated by WWF of each of our employees on a continuous basis in their respective country. 


Why trees? 

It’s simple: we just LOVE trees!

Trees not only clean our air and water, they also help regulate our climate, provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity and provide economic opportunities for 1.6 billion people.

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Get what you want. Give what you don’t. HULA is an app developed by plus305 and Jose Bao focusing on just one thing:

trading your stuff. A trusted way to connect people. It’s free and simple.

In 2020, HULA won the United Nations Global contest for Circular Economy.


We believe in democracy. Democracy means freedom of expression. Also, or especially, around controversial issues. Let's open the arena for honest, respectful, and democratic discussions with the aim to advance the dialogue on the world's most pressing challenges. 

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The Dream Gap stands between every girl and woman and her full potential. Studies show that women and girls don't dream as big as men and boys. Sisterhood Tribes is a global Impact Women's Network that aims to close the Dream Gap in our heads and in the world.

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#notselfmade means THANK YOU.

We got bored with the idea of "self-made“. After all, who’d we be without others?!  We created this movement to give credit to mentorship and every little helping hand we receive going through life. In our humble opinion, nobody is actually self-made, because we have all received help along the way. Get our statement t-shirts and become part of our movement.