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HULA APP, Circular Economy To Change The World

Get what you need. Give what you don't.

We’re always putting our talents and effort into creating an impact in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability through our ideas, projects and campaigns - even beyond our clients.


In 2020, we got some very exciting news: the United Nations told us that our Impact Initiative HULA APP was the Winner of UNiteIDEAS for the world in the category Circular Economy! A contest for technological ideas related to Circular Economy, which can result in rapid and far-reaching improvements for society. 

HULA APP allows people to exchange stuff without money and will make bartering more readily available to under-served populations while promoting the idea of circular economy on a global scale.

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​Did you know that an average American household has around $3,000 worth of unused items?

“Think outside the trash and recycle!”, this is the motto behind HULA App. Bartering is a promising approach for the app world because people are always looking for ways to maintain liquidity and save cash. What easier way than through bartering?

HULA is a new service that connects people who want to exchange stuff. A trustworthy PLATFORM that allows you to trade what you have for what you want. It’s FREE and simple. It’s all about the quantity and quality of your stuff... and your negotiation skills.

Maybe there are things money can’t buy... but maybe you can get them through trading...


Our vision is to make the world a better place. We want people to connect and exchange things freely. It’s really exciting to think bigger, to think money is not everything in life. Our users are looking for a safe way to TRADE the stuff they don’t use, need or want anymore. They are looking for a platform that stands for its values, not just for another app.

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