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a journey to the heart of the community

It was back in 2019 and one of those moments when you are super happy to help out a client but deep down you know: you personally will never be their client. Despite most of our team being seasick, however, we still wanted to help FRS when it knocked on our door.


​Because, after all, their intention was right down our ally: FRS is a worldwide ferry operator and one of the leading ferry specialists in Europe. After 150 years of successful business, they created the Miami branch FRS Caribbean and wanted to shift more towards a tourism that takes account of its host communities in Miami and the Bahamas. I mean, how can you turn down something like this, right? So, we brought FRS together with the University of Miami for a 2-year-long alliance of community engagements and initiatives. They also sent us on a field trip (don’t ask…) to the stunning island of Bimini to assess the situation for community support there. When we saw the lack of educational material on the island, we presented a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy based on SDG 4, Quality Education.

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