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JUNE 2019

Daniel Puder, Founder of
My Life My Power World Inc501c3

Daniel Puder is a former WWE Wrestler turned social entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Superintendant of MLMPI Preparatory Academy & My Life My Power World Inc 501c3. He has 9 years experience in system changes and system root cause solutions within the P-12 system, foster care, and Juvenile Justice System. His organization My Life My Power is dedicated to evidence-based Social and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Trainings with the goal to transform education and corporations.


What do you do at your organization in terms of Social Impact/Sustainability, how do you monitor the outcomes and what are the goals?


Within our NGO School System, we impact...


1. through pre/post assessments as well as a focus on attendance, grades, and personal growth.


2. ... policy shifts through our media partnerships, our network, and overall shift in the system.


I have spent many years building a core team. Each of them have a strategic role in the companies and my main focus is growth and focusing on the big vision. One of our biggest strengths is communication which is how we support each other on our wins and problem solve any challenges that arise.

Do you believe in business as a force for good and do you have corporate partners? How do you work with them?


In our company, we use our non-profit, School System, and branding company as a way to create sustainable solutions. We also utilize our strategic and corporate partners to gain access to different markets and create opportunities for the youth and adults we serve. Our partners can be educators, school districts, law enforcement agencies, community leaders, or corporations who we support in growth in their culture or they support us financially or with their time or talent.[2]

Do you see a change in behavior in your donors?


Yes in a very positive way, they are able to see the impact we have on communities, adults, and youth. Our donors are very supportive and are long-term not short-term.


How do new technologies and this digital age influence your work? Do you use new technologies to spread the word about what you do?


My main role is to focus on growth and that entails being aware and in the know of all the market trends and projections which include technology. We formed a branding company to have the ability to produce content for our websites and social media to spread awareness about our impact on communities. Within our schools, we are working with some of the most futuristic technology companies.


In your view, what’s the biggest challenge when it comes to marketing your cause?

Marketing is not the challenge. I have been in front of millions of people world wide on TV and radio. This last year, my Podcast beat the Wall Street Journal as #2 in Business and 16 overall and a few months ago, I was on Dr. Oz. The system is the biggest challenge.


Add your call to action.


My Life My Power World Inc. 501c3, My Life My Brand and MLMPI Preparatory Academy School System was initiated to create systematic changes in communities. We want to empower adults and youth to understand and love themselves so they are able to create a life of significance.

Bring us to your community, corporation, or school or come to one of our EQ and Leadership training experiences.

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