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THE mindful BRAND

It’s always an exciting moment when an idea becomes reality, and a brand is born. ELMA came to us with only a name and idea in mind: bringing mindfulness to Swiss schools through healthy cooking, circus & meditation lessons during lunch time.


We created ELMA’s brand identity, digital and press messaging and supported it from cradle to launch. One of ELMA’s main goals has been to attract families in Zurich across all socioeconomic levels and create awareness around mental health and healthy food choices. Our communication strategy has been curated with diversity, equity & inclusion in mind.


We’ve been able to build a loyal following across digital channels and have been consulting ELMA on business development and communication decisions throughout its pivoting process initiated by Covid-19.

"plus305 created our Brand Identity and Voice focusing on values and purpose. They've consulted ELMA from its launch in terms of digital creative communication and strategy as well as in terms of branding and sustainable business development. I love working with them because they are truly interested in generating value for their clients, bringing sustainable and inspiring solutions to life, and they always go the extra mile." Uta Fredebeil, Founder & CEO of ELMA.

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