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Miami-dade college foundation
& saving dreams

After having completed the rebranding of the Idea Center at MDC, this was our first time working for the Miami Dade College Foundation and we could not be more excited. The Foundation changes lives, families, communities, and the world through education. Because they believe that every MDC student deserves an education that matches their ambition.

Every year, on I AM MDC Day in September, they raise funds for scholarships. This year, they teamed up with us to create an impactful campaign that would establish an emotional connection with our community and also target the Hispanic audience more. But we did not only want to raise money, we also wanted to create a sense of pride among the Miamian community. We wanted for them to feel proud of their college and relate to it in an emotional way all while establishing it as a core value of Miami.

Saving DreamsMiami-Dade College
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We therefore created a memorable 360 degree campaign with a special focus on the Hispanic culture, even using some Miamian Spanglish. We departed from the concept of Saving Dreams. Because just like other foundations save the whales or the Amazon forest, Miami Dade College Foundation makes dreams come true every single day. It was furthermore important to us that the concept was focusing on the positive all while pointing out the issue. Especially against the backdrop of the currently difficult state of the world, people disconnect when they are just being bombarded with negative figures and data. What they want is solutions, positivity, and emotional connections


The campaign was running across all channels such as TV, radio, all digital channels, and billboards throughout the month of August and the beginning of September 2022. We also created a lot of creative activations for the actual day on September 6 to support the concept in an interactive and fun way on site.

plus305 negotiated an estimated $22,500 advertising added value exposure with local media providers. This added value was in the form of bonus interviews and added commercial placement. 


MDC Saving our Dreams Campaign was able to generate 8.1 Million Impressions during the course of the campaign with an estimated 3.9 Million People reached in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties. 

And most importantly of all, we were able to increase donations by 14% from 1.4m to 1.6m.

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