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Contraception day

How many experiences fit in one night?

That was the origin of this colorful and fun animation for BAYER and MTV. The goal was to engage teens by using their language through a visually spectacular film. It's a music video with its own original music that is connected to a powerful message. It generated awareness and brought back the unwanted pregnancy conversation between teens in Latam and Brazil.

The idea behind is to encourage young people to be bold, fun, and even crazy... but at the same time be responsibleand avoid unwanted pregnancy at such a young age so they can continue to be bold, fun and crazy. Our goal was to keep the spirit of MTV, create extraordinary art direction and get the attention of the audience. That's why we worked with one of the best post-production companies, creating a piece full of imagination where every shot is original in every aspect.

Roughly 121 million unintended pregnancies occurred each year between 2015 and 2019. Of these unintended pregnancies, 61% ended in abortion. Nearly half of all abortions were unsafe and 98% of all unsafe abortions occurred in developing countries. 7 of the 34 countries and territories in Latin America do not permit abortion for different reasons. Due to these circumstances, unsafe abortion mortality rates are up to 100 times higher in Latin America than in industrialized nations.​

For us, it was a huge responsibility to create a piece that would really make a change. That's why every animated scene was curated with a lot of care, with all of them having their own unique style and storytelling. We also used the gamification element to get our audiences's attention. 

In this sex education campaign, we put together other commercials like the one below. In this one, the idea was to show a roulette wheel for the night. This game was illustrated like a real lottery wheel that all teens play when they go out or online. The original and disruptive part is that we also show things we don't want to "win", things we avoid to think about, things like HIV. The combination between wishful scenes and bad experiences in the context of a lottery wheel, made a powerful commercial that brought us a lot of success.

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