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Nickelodeon wanted to create an impactful inclusion campaign for kids that would include some of their characters such as SpongeBob. It would have to be an idea that would create the fertile ground for playful activations for our partners.


Now, imagine a club where everyone is welcome. A club where nobody is excluded. A club where all are unique and diverse. A totally new kind of club that is exclusively inclusive.


So this was the beginning of the most inclusive and diverse campaign for Nickelodeon: a VIP club that changes the game: Everybody is VIP!

Because we believe in Very Inclusive People. No matter where you come from, how you speak, dress, how you look, or how weird you are, you will always be VIP for us.

Once the idea was born in collaboration with our Partners Big Toys, we started trying to find a retail partner that was willing to do the campaign with us. And we finally did: El Corte Inglés loved the idea and the entire campaign was launched in August 2022 in Spain. 

It became a wakeup call for equity. We also created a beautiful manifesto:


 And, of course, like every club, we needed rules:

1. Be how you are.
2. Dress how you want.
3. Smile, a lot.
4. Share with the rest.
5. It’s forbidden to be forbidden.
6. He/she/they/we all are VIP.
7. Be open-minded.
8. VIP means Very Inclusive People.
9. We’re all important, of equal value, and different. 
10. The requirement is that there’s no requirement.

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