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RetroFitness & BlackRock. North America.

We helped Retro Fitness rebrand from a gym into a lifestyle brand. Retro Fitness is the third largest low-cost high-performance gym in the USA. We were working with them to turn their company into a human-centric and value-based brand. We refreshed their entire Brand Guidelines by defining their values, their vision, their mission, their Tone of Voice, style of Photography, Videography, Copy Writing etc. They also wanted to make the brand more accessible for women and more inclusive in general, but especially less rigid and unpersonal. Furthermore, instead of being perceived as “just another gym”, they wanted to become a lifestyle brand and health club. We accompanied their entire culture change to implement their new values at all levels of their franchises across the country through trainings, campaigns, creative concepts, visual guidelines, and brand assets. We also reconceptualized their GET REAL tagline to make it align more with their goals and reflect their values. We then relaunched their GET REAL member engagement campaign together through personalized messaging, lifestyle imagery and messaging, and healthy lifestyle micro-activations to highlight the brand values of authenticity, sense of community, collaborative spirit, passion, integrity, and loyalty. plus305 also collaborated with Retro Fitness to bring music to its members through The Beat @ Retro Fitness, a new initiative where underground labels and artists share new music with Retro Fitness members before it is released to the public. 



In addition, we also accompanied Retro Fitness on an exciting Diversity and Inclusion journey: Project Lift is the brainchild of Retro Fitness CEO Andrew Alfano, who joined the West Palm Beach, Florida-based company in 2019 after spending the majority of his career in regional and senior VP roles at Starbucks. Under the project, BlackRock-backed Eastwood Capital opened 70 Retro Fitness Gyms in Communities of Color. The new fund has secured more than $800 million in initial commitments toward a $1 billion target and is investing in “businesses and projects owned, led by, or serving people of color, with a particular focus on Black, Latinx and Native American communities. “

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