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be a voice for voices for children foundation

The impact of Voices For Children in numbers is extraordinary: 793 active Guardian ad Litem volunteers; they helped over 45,000 children since 1984 and over 1,000 children last year; they gave financial resources, mentors, and support to over 55 human trafficking victims, and raised over 4.5 million in the last fiscal year.

It is said that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Well, in their case the extra is not little. They give a voice to the ones who are not being heard by the system. They give a speaker to thousands of abused, neglected, and abandoned children in the Miami community. The voice of Voices For Children is never silent, it is always ready to speak up for them.

‘A voice for those who don’t have one’. 
We created this concept that represents the essence of the Foundation. But we didn’t want to come up with another public service commercial. We needed a real, powerful, and engaging campaign. The goal? Brand recognition and awareness. 

We involved two renowned team members in our crew: the director and director of photography flew in from Los Angeles. No actors. We portrayed real children, with real stories. We also came up with a touching script inspired by their own words. Testimonials that reflect their lives, their emotions, and feelings. The children and their stories were so raw that we decided to film it in black and white to make it as clean as possible. This way, we were able to keep the authenticity in their faces, their expressions, and appearance.

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Last detail: they shouldn't talk. Voices should. We convinced the CEO of Voices For Children, Nelson Hincapié. He loved the idea. And he dubbed the children, representing the voice of the organization, fighting for them, telling their story to the world. The result was a powerful combination that empowered the whole organization to keep doing what they do. But also, it was one of the most successful pieces of communication of the year.

They are an incredibly talented and creative team. Their knowledge and understanding of corporate social responsibility enables them to find the perfect match between the brand strategy and the social impact mission. Innovative and original in their thinking, their unique talent helps find new impactful ways to communicate the message.” Nelson Hincapié, CEO of Voices For Children Foundation.


Finally, we created another campaign in April. This time we needed a powerful print campaign for the media. It was just one shot, one opportunity to generate an impact and get awareness. Then we looked around, a new trend on Instagram were showing people's photos from ten years ago and now. When celebrities started to do it, the whole social media was full of them. Our opportunity was in front of us! We used that idea to portray the other reality of thousand of children We showed  the same effect but looking at their next ten years. The idea was very successful, the Foundation received a lot of calls because of that and we felt happy again for being part of another amazing project with them.

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