plus305 was founded in 2014 in Miami, Florida. The company is lead by Alberto Jaen (founder) and Nadja Scherrer (partner & VP). They met in Silicon Valley working on the communication of one of the biggest companies in the world. There and then, they decided to join skills, knowledge, and passion to create a unique creative boutique for social impact.

Since then, plus305 has helped companies in the USA and Europe to elaborate, design, and implement strategies to elevate the purpose of brands with meaningful creativity, helping organizations to move from a product-focused culture and communication to a value-based identity.

Alberto is a multiple award-winning creative director, jury member at international festivals and a board member of Voices for Children Foundation. Nadja is a specialist in intercultural communication, culture transformation, and CSR strategies. Both of them have worked for multinational brands around the world over the past nineteen years. 

plus305 has worked for brands like Swatch, Real Madrid, 3M, VIACOM/CBS, Miami Dade College, Santander Bank, or Baloise Group among others.

If your company stops existing tomorrow, would it be missed?

The offer out there is huge. Why would people spend money on your products?

There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it. We invite you to start seeing 'human beings' again instead of 'human buyers'. Some companies are so process- and product-driven that they fail to inspire. We believe in the humanization of brands. We connect you to your audience in a real and genuine way. Brands need to tell a story worth hearing.

Brands are used to doing things a certain way. But sometimes, we need to change to stay the same. You can do it by finding a deeper meaning behind what you do. Of course, the company that changes might fail. But the company that doesn't change, has failed already. As long as companies don't create an authentic connection with their audience, they will only impress, but not impact them. Especially in times of crises, companies tend to give up their goals and dreams to meet their immediate needs. Our work is to focus in the long-term vision.


plus305 exists to elevate the purpose of brands with meaningful creativity. We develop creative solutions to business challenges, connecting you to culture, grounded in purpose. After all, brands shouldn't show just the world as it is, but how the world could be. ​​

A transformative realization: everything is connected.

What’s your reason for getting up in the morning and interacting with a company? No matter if you're a customer or an employee, there's always a reason. And nowadays, these reasons often go beyond a salary, a product or a service. We've found our answer to this question in the Japanese concept of Ikigay. 

It's a combination of the Japanese words ikiru, meaning “to live”, and kai, meaning “the realization of what one hopes for”. Together these definitions create the concept of “a reason to live” or the idea of having a purpose in life. So, we've started applying this concept to businesses and organizations. 


To find this purpose, we can answer four key questions:

  • Why does your business do what it does?

  • What is your business good at?

  • What does the world or your community really need from your business?

  • What would people be willing to pay for your offer?

​This methodology helps us to humanize a brand and allows us to approach all tasks from a human-centric perspective. Because we don't believe in logos, but in human beings making decisions and interacting with other human beings. Just knowing what your ikigai is, however, is not enough – companies need to put their purpose into action.

The fundamental truth of Ikigai is that everything is connected. It is therefore possible to be true to your why, live a life of consequence, and still use business as a medium of expression of values that resonates with your target. At the intersection of all of this are feelings of lasting happiness that can sustain companies and organizations throughout their long lives.